Dr. M.Lotfi Mahrousseh
Dr. M.Lotfi Mahrousseh
30 years experience
Dr. M. Lotfi Mahrousseh is a highly experienced Consultant Urologist with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years. He holds a German Board certification in urology from the University of Bonn and Koln hospitals, showcasing his international expertise. Additionally, Dr. Mahrousseh has earned a Ph.D. in urology, further solidifying his advanced knowledge in the field. His specialization includes the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence in women, children, and men, emphasizing a broad spectrum of urological care. With a wealth of experience and a robust educational background, Dr. Mahrousseh is well-equipped to provide comprehensive and specialized urological services.
Male Infertility
Reconstructive Urology
Urologic Oncology
Erectile Dysfunction and Male Sexual Health
Voiding Dysfunction and Incontinence
Education & Training
German Board in urology - University of Bonn and Koln
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