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Trust Inaya Dermatology for comprehensive skin care! Our experienced team provides services for various skin conditions, from common disorders to advanced treatments. From routine exams to cosmetic procedures and skin cancer care, we prioritize your well-being with cutting-edge techniques. Choose us for trusted and personalized dermatology services. We also offer a wide range of dermatology and cosmetic services including:

Revitalize your skin health at Inaya Dermatology! Personalized care for all stages, from common conditions to advanced treatments.

  • Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is a versatile and effective technology used for various dermatological concerns, including hair removal, vascular treatment, dilated pores, and blackhead reduction.
  • Exilis Dermatological Treatment: Exilis is an advanced non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and contour the body. It's an effective option for skin tightening and rejuvenation without surgery, making it popular for addressing various aesthetic concerns.
  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Dermatological Treatment: HIFU is a non-invasive procedure that uses focused ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin. It's a popular choice for wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and rejuvenation, as it stimulates collagen production, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.
  • CO2 Fractional Laser Dermatological Treatment: CO2 fractional laser is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses laser technology to target and improve a range of skin issues, including wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, and textural irregularities. By creating controlled micro-injuries in the skin, it stimulates collagen production, leading to smoother, more even-toned, and youthful-looking skin.
  • Pico Laser: Pico laser technology is used for tattoo removal, pigmentation correction, and skin rejuvenation, delivering quick and effective results with minimal downtime.
  • Peeling: Chemical peels help exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, improving texture and addressing issues like acne scars, fine lines, and sun damage.
  • Facial Injections: Our skilled professionals provide Botox, fillers, and mesotherapy to reduce wrinkles, restore volume, and enhance skin texture.
  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma): PRP therapy involves using the patient's blood to stimulate collagen production, leading to skin rejuvenation and hair restoration.
  • Skin Boosters: Skin-boosting treatments hydrate and revitalize the skin for a more youthful and radiant appearance.
  • Carboxy: Carboxy therapy enhances blood circulation and collagen production, improving skin tone and reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Removal of Skin Swelling: Our experts can safely remove various types of skin growths and swellings, ensuring both cosmetic and functional benefits.
  • Surgical Treatment: We offer surgical procedures for the removal and treatment of pre-malignant and malignant skin lesions to promote overall skin health.
  • Electrocautery: Electrocautery is used to remove skin lesions, warts, and moles, often resulting in minimal scarring.
  • Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy is employed to freeze and remove unwanted skin lesions, such as warts and skin tags.

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