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Unveiling the Inaya Experience: Your Path to Premier Healthcare
Inaya Medical Center, a distinguished multi-specialty facility, is your comprehensive destination for a wide spectrum of medical services. Strategically located, our center is committed to delivering top-notch healthcare through a highly skilled medical team and cutting-edge medical techniques. We prioritize excellence, ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality of personalized and compassionate care. At Inaya, we are dedicated to your well-being, making us a trusted partner on your healthcare journey. Welcome to a center where quality meets convenience.


We are committed to delivering exceptional healthcare with a focus in excellence, innovation, and compassion. Our dedication to quality is marked by our attention to the unique needs of each patient and our constant pursuit of improvement.

Our vision is to provide exceptional, personalized healthcare for everyone. We strive for excellence, innovation, and compassion through our leading doctors. With our unwavering dedication to improvement, we aim to lead the healthcare field, surpassing expectations and enhancing patients' lives.
Meet our management team

Abdullah Boodai
Abdullah Boodai
Managing Partner

A serial entrepreneur, kickstarted his career in 2006 at Al Aman Investment Company. Throughout his dynamic business journey, he has pioneered the establishment of companies spanning technology, manufacturing, marketing, media, and healthcare. Abdullah has successfully managed Inaya Medical Center for over 15 years, showcasing his strategic leadership in the healthcare industry and diverse business ventures.
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Dr. Samer Al Rayes
Non-Executive Director

Dr. Samer Al Rayes is a highly accomplished and experienced medical professional with 30 years of expertise in Obstetrics and Gynecology. As the Managing Partner and Head of the Department, he holds the prestigious FACOG designation, is board-certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and is an active member of the Florida Medical Association. Dr. Al Rayes is recognized for his commitment to excellence in women's healthcare, making him a trusted leader in providing comprehensive and compassionate services.
Dr. M.Lotfi Mahrousseh
Dr. M.Lotfi Mahrousseh
Medical Director

Dr. M. Lotfi Mahrousseh is a highly experienced Consultant Urologist with over 30 years of international expertise. He holds a German Board certification in urology from the University of Bonn and Koln hospitals and has a Ph.D. in urology. Specializing in urinary incontinence across all demographics, Dr. Mahrousseh offers comprehensive and specialized urological care, leveraging his extensive experience and robust educational background.
Rana Makaram
Rana Makaram
HR - Head of Operations

Began her career in Lebanon at ECONET, excelling as a Customer Service Representative. She later transitioned to FAST2SURF as a Key Account Manager, overseeing client databases and managing advertising activities. Upon relocating to Kuwait, Rana spent 9 years at INAYA MEDICAL CENTER, holding the pivotal role of Director of Operations & Human Resources.
Ehab Abouzeid
Ehab Abouzeid
Finance Manager

A graduate of Mansoura University's Faculty of Commerce in 2006, embarked on his professional journey in Kuwait in 2007. Starting as an accountant at Inaya Medical Center, he demonstrated dedication and expertise, ultimately assuming the role of Finance Manager in 2020 within the same clinic, exemplifying his valuable contributions to the dynamic landscape of healthcare finance.
Ahmed Bakr
Ahmed Bakr
Insurance Manager

A School of Law graduate, brings over 12 years of expertise to the realm of medical and general insurance in Kuwait. His extensive experience spans healthcare providers and companies, highlighting his comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in navigating the intricacies of insurance within the healthcare sector.

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