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    Dr.Ali Sayed handed over the trophies to the winners of the Myobrace Cup

    Kuwait, 03 Mar 2017:

    The Myobrace Cup - 2017 was held at Subhan ground, here, on Friday, February 25. It was organized by Denis Barboza and Modern Star Cricket Club.


    Matches began early in the morning with the preliminary rounds consisting of 14 teams that participated in the tournament on a knock-out basis. It was followed by the semi finals and finals which was keenly fought between Q-7 Arabian Eagle and Telugu Warriors.


    Q-7 Arabian Eagle reached the finals by beating United XI in the semi finals, Telugu warriors reached by beating by Panthers Kozhikode. In the finals, Arabian Eagle won the toss and elected to field first. Telugu Warriors with major contribution from all players managed to score 99 runs in the allocated 10 over. The top scorer was Bazwa who scored 36 runs.


    Q-7 Arabian Eagle needed 100 runs to reach the target and they managed to score 100 runs spare 4 over top scorer Delicicoes Johan with 50 runs was Man of the Match.


    The chief guest Dr Ali Sayed and Sreenath Mandace handed over the trophies to the respective captains Hussein of Team Q-7 Arabian Eagle and of team Telugu Warriors Jaya Kumar. They were congratulated on playing good cricket.


    The Myobrace Cup is an annual tournament being organized by Denis Barboza and Modern Star boys who thanked all the participating teams for taking part in the tournament. The cup was sponsored by Sreenath Mandace and Myobrace.