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    Inaya Medical Center Transforms Customer Engagement With Viacomms and Avaya

    ALMIYA, KUWAIT--(Marketwired - April 14, 2016) - Inaya Medical Center, a multispecialty clinic in Salmiya providing critical care services, is collaborating with Viacomms Telecom and Avaya to transform its contact center operations. The Avaya Customer Engagement solution provides Inaya patients with a seamless, personalised interaction experience across multiple communication channels, and helps ensure all queries are automatically routed to the right agent. 

    As customer demands began to change, Inaya wanted to offer integrated and consistent cross channel interaction between their contact center and its customers. The new contact center solution provides the medical center with several key patient care benefits, including:

    • Automated prompts, enhanced by Viacomms' customized software modules to call patients and remind and reconfirm, cancel or reschedule upcoming appointments.
    • A dynamic call list which is automatically updated when an incoming call is missed, to help ensure that customer queries are attended to later by an agent.
    • A feedback module, which allows the patients to rate their experience after a visit to the clinic and after every interaction with an agent.

    The Avaya contact center delivered by Viacomms was built to complement the customer-centric business model adopted by Inaya and other healthcare providers to provide their patients with the highest possible level of service.

    Inaya Medical Center was established in 2006 with the sole purpose of providing patients with exceptional health care services in areas such as ENT, dermatology, obstetric gynecology, pediatrics and ophthalmology, made possible through highly experienced doctors and care teams.


    "As a customer-centric business we wanted to ensure that our customers have a hassle free experience with us which requires a constant line of communication with our agents. We achieved this with the implementation of the Avaya Contact Center delivered by Viacomms. The customized solution perfectly provides for our business needs by automating a number of processes and ensuring all customer calls are attended to and managed." 

    Abdullah Boodai, Owner, Inaya Medical Center

    "Our work with Inaya Medical Centre has given us deeper insight into the unique customer service requirements of the medical sector. With the Avaya Contact Center we were able to provide a solution to address the centers specific business needs. We are happy that we have been able to transform the customer engagement experience and add value through our customized software modules."

    Jolian Ibrahim, CEO & Co-Founder, Viacomms Telecom

    "Avaya is committed to delivering Digital Transformation-as-a-Service to organizations of all sizes. With our customised and innovative technology solutions, businesses can achieve the competitive advantage they require today. Our contact center provides for efficiency in business process and allows for agents to serve their digitally savvy customers better and manage their expectations." 

    Mohammed Areff, Vice President, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Avaya

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    About Inaya Medical Center
    Inaya Medical Center is a multi-specialty medical center located in Salmiya offering a wide range of medical services. Our highly competent medical staff provides the highest quality of medical services through the use of cutting edge medical techniques.