• Pediatric Department

    We are dedicated to offer specialized pediatric care for newborns and children with both acute and chronic illnesses.

    Our mission is to deliver a high quality service to attain the best physical, emotional, and social health.


    Our services:

    .  Wellness screening and follow-up.

    .  Preventive medicine by regular check-up.

    .  Neonatal and pediatric infectious diseases.

    .  Diseases of the neonate (full term and premature).

    .  Growth and nutrition in neonates and children.

    .  Childhood asthma and allergy.

    .  Skin conditions in children.

    .  Treatment for a full range of pediatric and neonatal illnesses.

    .  Observation unit for short stay (nebulization for asthma patients, IV fluid and IV antibiotics).

    .  On-site Laboratory and Radiology.

    .  Consultant Home Visit.

    .  Same-day sick visits / Walk- ins are welcome.


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